Safer Travel to Developing Countries – Travel Development

Are you going overseas to enjoy a different atmosphere? If you have plans to visit a developing country, take care. There are some simple things you can do, though, to reduce the chances of something bad happening to you while you are overseas, so pay attention and keep on reading.First and foremost, stay alert. By doing that, you avoid staying vulnerable to criminals who may want to take opportunity of you. One special time travelers are vulnerable in places such as Johannesburg is right when they arrive at the country, going from the airport to their hotel. You will probably be tired from the flight, but crimes at this moment are growing. Pay attention to cars or individuals following you at this time.Maps are a double-edged sword. They might save you if you get lost or if you need to go to an area you do not know, but they also pinpoint you as not being a local. If possible, try to open your map in a discreet place, so you enjoy the benefits of having a map, while avoiding drawing attention upon yourself as being a tourist.Keep all important documents like passport, plane tickets and similar items somewhere safe. Photocopy all of the items and leave them in a separate place. When photocopying your passport, pay special attention to the first pages (the ones that identify you), as well as your visa pages.If you are traveling with young children, it is always good to bring along a recent photo of them, showing clearly their faces, and printed on paper. And pay attention to them, especially if you are going to face big crowds.Crime increases the further you go away from normal tourist destinations. Keep that in mind when making your plans as to which areas of the country you are planning to visit.Traffic can be very violent, often resulting in deaths. Drive safely, pay attention to your surroundings, have plenty of sleep before you hit the road, do not drink and drive. All normal safety precautions apply here, plus: make sure to lock all doors and close all windows, to avoid being stolen. Park your car in well-lit areas. And watch out whether people or cars are following you.Pickpocketing occur everywhere in developing countries! To avoid that, find yourself a travel money belt, so you can carry important documents and the biggest chunk of of your currency.