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The first step in attracting and maintaining potential travelers is to review your travel advertising budget to make sure you’re investing enough time and money crafting quality ads that are designed to attract needed tourist dollars. Most people depend on quality travel advertising to guide their choice for a vacation location. They want advertisements, brochures and other travel literature to provide accurate, up-to-date information on total costs, what their accommodations will include, and what sights are located nearby.If you feel that your travel advertising budget needs some revisions, if you think you need more “bang for your buck” in order to attract more people to your business, consider working with a full-service tourism company.By investing your money with an experience business that keeps an eye on tourism trends, travel agencies, hotels and other tourism-related businesses can derive maximum benefit from their travel advertising dollars. Some examples of the types of travel advertising services that they offer should include:A Multi-Media PackageWhy just use print if you can develop a presence on the Internet? Consider your options carefully: in some cases, a full-color, glossy travel magazine distributed annually to the right audience may be exactly what you need to advertise your business. However, it might not hurt to search a little further to see if you can find a company that can offer you an Internet web page, access to an e-mail newsletter and other similar amenities to reach potential vacationers. A personalized web site will allow interested visitors a chance to see exactly what accommodations your hotel can offer, or list the types of services your company can provide. Look for a business that employs experienced writers and artists, who can help you craft an advertisement into an attractive package that is bound to draw new business. Since advertising is usually the first contact customers will have with your company, make a good impression! Lure potential business with a well-designed and well-placed ad, which features quality artwork.Budget-Friendly CostsWhether your business is new or well-established, you want to make sure that your travel advertising dollars are spent on an advertising campaign that is well within your means. Does the company you choose to advertise with offer any incentives, such as full color on your ads for no extra charge? To make sure your getting your money’s worth, the print medium you select should run your travel advertising at the right time of the year to allow visitors to select the right vacation spot for them, no matter what the season.Know Your MarketIn Power Marketing for Small Business, author Jody Hornor noted: “Targeting your market with the use of demographic data helps you get the most out of your sales and advertising efforts.” So, if you know that your travel advertising campaign will appeal to a higher-income audience then “by targeting your promotional materials to those prospects more likely to buy your product, you will obtain a higher response rate at a lower cost.” A knowledgeable tourism company can help you achieve that goal.Always Room for MoreIf your company has grown or added a new service, don’t forget to promote any changes with a feature article, which can be distributed to local newspapers and magazines as well as national publications. Extra space for additional details gives your travel advertising that extra edge!DependabilityLook for a publication or tourism agency that has been in business for a while, offering quality service to members of the tourism profession. A professional firm will always be happy to offer references. Working with a well-established company will allow you to establish a long-term relationship with talented professionals who understand your needs, and who will help you achieve all of your travel advertising goals.People have enjoyed vacationing since the days of the ancient Roman Empire. In 19th century England, every upper-income person knew it was necessary to take the “Grand Tour” of Europe to learn more about the history and culture of different nations. Not long after the United States was born, tourists were traveling to seaside resorts or mountain spas where they could relax and unwind.In addition to having enough time and disposal income, the majority of today’s travelers is often better-educated and visits a destination with a particular objective in mind, whether it’s outdoor sports or cultural events. For a growing number, there is often sufficient time to add a second, “mini” vacation to their schedule, further increasing demands on the tourism industry infrastructure.In recent years, more than 27 million Americans traveled abroad to fulfill their vacation fantasies, which ranged from touring ancient ruins, or trekking through lush forests, to just lounging on a broad sandy beach under a bright summer sun. Although portions of the world may be in turmoil, there are still a lot of places to see and millions of people happy to spend part of their annual income on a memorable vacation.In exchange, millions of travelers from foreign countries spent more than $93 billion in the United States in 2004, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. A growing number of them are from emerging markets such as China, which will probably see more than 100 million vacationers traveling abroad to destinations like America by the year 2020. The World Tourism Organization predicts that international tourism will continue to grow annually overall by four percent.However, it is important to remember that tourism has been affected by two primary factors in recent years. First, the tragedy of September 11, 2001, which has caused some travelers to reconsider their choice of a vacation destination. Second, access to the Internet has provided them with the opportunity to book their own trips, sometimes at a cheaper rate than they can find from local travel agencies. As a result, it’s up to you to find new ways to attract their attention and show them the benefits of bringing their business to you–the tourism professional.The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that lack of planning is the primary cause many companies fail to succeed in America. Do you want to become a leader in your particular market? If you do, then remember that it is necessary to invest time, energy and capital in your travel advertising, which will undoubtedly help your company reap greater rewards.